Street photography in Scotland

I like street photography. I try to make street photographs – sometimes I succeed, most times I fail.
Some people don’t ‘get’ street photography. In my opinion there is no purer form of photography.
To be a good street photographer you need to be a lot more than just a good photographer. You need to be quick and observant. You need to know what is going to happen before it happens – a sixth sense if you like. You need to have patience and most of all you need a good pair of shoes!

Here’s some recent ones of mine that I like – taken in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Striped shirts.






Two dogs.


Ripped poster.



About sarphoto

Simon is a short, balding photographer from Raumati Beach, New Zealand. He now lives in Scotland and likes vegemite on toast, cats, hats, cities, sunny days in Kirkcudbrightshire and taking photographs.
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2 Responses to Street photography in Scotland

  1. D Burman says:

    Wonderful pictures throughout.

    I’m curious about what film this series was shot on, and whether it was post-processed. Could you share?

    Thanks very much.

    • sarphoto says:

      It was actually shot on my very first digital camera (Fuji X100) and post processed in Lightroom to give the slight colour shift and overexposure look.


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